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"Using Early and modern technology to produce television images"

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Peter Yanczer

Every now and then, something from the first television boom period (1928-1932) turns up. More often than not, it was built by an experimenter of the day and used for tuning in the magical television signals being broadcast here and abroad. It was a fascinating time for experimenters. The experimentation continues to this day and those of us involved experience the same thrills and disappointments as did the television pioneers so many years ago. It is fascinating to watch and witness in our time, the same reactions that occurred some 75 years ago.

This site is intended for those of you with more than a passing interest in television history and the hardware that produced the images. Visit the various pages and see if they don't heighten your interest. Until it happens, you can't imagine the thrill of your seeing an image form on apparatus that you've put together yourself. Especially after many hours of design and re-design both mental and actual. This is never a simple endeavor and that is part of what makes it so special. It is my sincere hope that you will join with me and others to experience this for yourself.

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Three mirror screw receivers are shown here below.

Any TV collection without one of these is incomplete!

Telorama Website contents:

  1. An Introduction to the Television Experimenter and Peter Yanczer
  2. A bit of Television History
    1. John Logie Baird
    2. Philo Farnsworth
    3. Charles F. Jenkins
    4. Ulises A. Sanabria
    5. *** Early Television in Chicago
    6. Valdimir K Zworykin
  3. The Hardware that Produces the Images
  4. Innovative Mechanical Television
    1. The Nipkow Disk
    2. The Lens Disk
    3. The Mirror Drum
    4. The Mihaly-Traub Scanner
    5. The Mirror Screw and its place in history
    6. Magic Mirrors
    7. Mirror Screw Scanning Engines
    8. Two Video Amplifiers for use with Mirror Screws. NEW..!!
    9. Now Build yourself a Mirror Screw Light Sourse. NEW..!!
    10. An easier design mirror screw light source NEW..!!
    11. Getting into Mirror Screw Technology.....NEW..!!
    12. The Vibratory Scanner
    13. The Scophony System
    14. The Eidophor System
    15. The T. I. Digital Light Processor
    16. The Cathode Ray Tube
    17. Which mechanical scanner was the best? ...NEW..!!
  5. Historic Photos and their modern counterparts
  6. How does one get started in this hobby?
  7. Make your own Nipkow disk
  8. Synchronous or Synchronized Probably more than you want to know about this subject
  9. Learn about an interesting project. (not for the timid ones)
  10. Experimental Materials For Sale ,,, (Scanning Disks, Hubs, Motors, etc.)
  11. Telorama, what does it mean?
  12. The Picture Page
  13. The "Visionette" Camera/Receiver Kit.
  14. More "Visionette" photos
  15. Download a Strobe Tach
  16. About Peter Yanczer
  17. Links to other good web sites
  18. Build Your Own Mechanical Television.
  19. 2nd installment of Build Your Own etc.
  20. 3rd installment of Build Your Own etc.
  21. 4th installment of Build Your Own etc.
  22. 5th installment of Build Your Own etc.
  23. 6th installment of Build Your Own etc.
  24. 7th installment of Build Your Own etc.
  25. 8th installment of Build Your Own etc.
  26. 9th installment of Build Your Own etc.
  27. The TeKaDe 1935 Mirror Screw Receiver ....NEW...!!
  28. Are you interested in seeing a working mirror screw TV?
  29. My thougthts about TeKaDe

The story of mechanical television.

Shows who and how they did it and how you can do it too.

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