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Experimental Television


 BOOK, " The Mechanics of Television" by Peter F. Yanczer (1987, 170 pgs) The story of mechanical television. Soft cover. Everything you need to know to become an expert on the subject. Over 100 illustrations photos and schematics. Written for beginners or engineers.


plus $4.00


Special: A 12 inch, 32 line scanning disc with synchronizing pulse holes and spokes for improved performance.

This is the disk made especially for the monitor described in the installments on this web site. This is a metal disc with spokes, made to high precision standards. It will provide images superior to any disc made by hand. This disc is suitable for both direct view cameras or flying spot scanners and of course for all receivers.

The center hole on this disc is 3/4" diameter and it includes four holes for mounting the disc to a hub with screws.

The disk also includes 32 synchronizing pulse holes on a common radius.

Due to a quantity build, a special price is being offered.

A one piece hub for this disk is available to fit 3/16", 1/4" and 6 or 7mm shafts. Indicate with your order which shaft shaft size you want.

Scanning disk hubs:

Used to connect the scanning disk to the motor shaft. The disk is clamped to the hub without stress or distortion. These are of a two piece construction, made from machined aluminum. With four clamping screws and set screw.

Spring coupled hubs, complete (for some synchronous motors)

Available in 4 motor shaft sizes: 7mm. , .250", .312", .375".

 For all Shaft sizes:


I am offering for sale an assembly that consists of a disk hub, belt pulley and ball bearingbearing assy shaft assembly made from a VCR tape head/motor unit, just as described in the second of nine installments on this website, about building your own monitor. All of the precision work has been done. The hub will fit disks with a .750" center hole and four screw holes, like the one pictured above.

Being made from existing VCRs of various makes, the appearance of the assembly may differ slightly from the photo on the right. In every case, the function will be the same.


 Large Area Silicon Photo Diode. Good frequency response. (2 x 2mm) 
 Receiver Reflex Light Source Assembly. With 16 LED's. Image area approximately 1.25" square 
 Complete Drawing Set, build your own "Visionette" Receiver Kit 
 Complete Drawing Set, build your own "Visionette" Camera Kit. 



Peter Yanczer

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